ParaShir. The Book of Exodus in Songs. Ariella Savir. 2CD Set

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Number of CD(s) in package: 2

Ariella Savir, the crown princess of Israeli childrens music, presents the entire Biblical book of Shemot (Exodus) in songs!  Join with her and her little friend on his white horse for a journey out of Egypt and on to Mount Sinai!

In Hebrew

CD 1:

1.   Shir Hapticha

2.   Shalom Yeladim

3.   Shir Haparashot

4.   Parshat Shemot

5.   Shir Hameyaldot

6.   Shir Hasneh Haboer

7.   Parshat Vaera

8.   Shlach Et Ami

9.   Mateh Aharon

10. Parshat Bo

11. Bo

12. Parshat Beshalach

13. Man

14. Miriam Haneviah

15. Amalek

16. Parshat Yitro

17. Behar Sinai

CD 2:

1.   Parshat Mishpatim

2.   Mitzvot

3.   Ve'eleh Hamishpatim

4.   Parshat Trumot

5.   Veshachanti Betocham

6.   Parshat Tetzaveh

7.   Meil Aharon

8.   Parshat Ki Tisa

9.   Shnei Luchot

10. Parshat Vayakhel Pekudei

11. Hamishkan

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