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We have found that few things are as clear a public expression of love of Israel and Judaism as high-quality Israel t-shirts emblazoned with artwork or slogans to tell the whole world - in a fun and playful way - where your values lie. Therefore, we carry a huge collection of Israeli clothing and some of the best t-shirts you've ever seen! From the Israeli Army and various special forces units, to nature and wildlife, plus a special line of great shirts just for kids! Check it out!

Jewish and Israeli Hats, T-shirts, Aprons, Bags and Scarves

Wear Israel with pride! Judaica Webstore carries graphic t-shirts and baseball caps celebrating Jewish culture and Israel for kids and adults. We've got aprons for the kitchen and a huge selection of scarves, bags and purses for about town.

Tees and Hats

Baseball hats and t-shirts with clever slogans always make a great gift. Children's t-shirts include such clever items as a Noah's Ark Alphabet t-shirt and a Made in Israel tee. There's even a 100% cotton Noah's Ark onesie for your baby! Also available are a wide range of nature t-shirts.

Adult t-shirts include clever items like our 100% Kosher t-shirt or the Just Jew It shirt.

There are also more earnest designs, like stencil portraits of iconic Israelis, such as Moshe Dayan and Golda Meir. There are also a number of Kabalistic tees, bearing different names of G-d. And of course there are t-shirts sweatshirts, and caps supporting the Israeli Military. Don't forget about the Israel 60th anniversary cap!


The aprons include options with clever sayings like "There's no cooking like Imma's cooking" in English and Hebrew. There is also a line of aprons from Jerusalem-based Yair Emanuel. The aprons are screen printed with an attractive pomegranate motif, available in full color, in blue and white, and in black and white.

Bags and Scarves

Yair Emanuel has also developed a great selection of bags. Yair uses raw silk and textile processes like applique, embroidery, and patchwork. Handbags and clutches are available in a variety of motifs, including pomegranates, Old Jerusalem and floral patterns. There are also tote bags screen-printed with his pomegranate motif. Colorful hand-painted silk scarves that feature Old Jerusalem scenes are also available.

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