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14K Gold Hamsa Pendant Necklace - Yellow or White Gold
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An ancient symbol and talisman, the hamsa hand shape has deep roots in both the Jewish and Islamic traditions. It has also been an immensely popular decorative motif for centuries, especially in Jewelry. Judaica Webstore's selection of Hamsa jewelry includes pendants, bracelets, and earrings in gold, silver, precious gems and much more!

A Look at Hamsa Jewelry

What does the Hamsa mean?

Originating in North Africa and the Middle East, the hand-shaped Hamsa symbol represents divine protection against the evil eye as well as blessings and power. Due to its association with protection against the evil eye, many Hamsas feature an eye symbol in its palm.

Is the Hamsa a religious symbol?

Although not based in traditional religious texts, the Hamsa is viewed as a symbol of divine protection against the evil eye, of power, and of blessings by certain Jewish communities, particularly those originating in North Africa and the Middle East.

What does the eye symbol mean?

As mentioned above, many Hamsas feature an eye motif in the center of the Hamsa's hand. This image represents the evil eye, the harm that can be wrought by one person's ill will towards another. Thus, the Hamsa is seen as protecting the person who displays it from being affected by the evil eye.

Should the Hamsa be displayed up or down?

Whether the fingers are pointing up or down, both styles are acceptable. Some believe that when the fingers are pointed upward, the Hamsa is a symbol against the evil eye, and when it is pointed downward, the Hamsa represents blessing and power.

You will find the Hamsa sign as the main form in a pendant, as a small charm for a bracelet, or as the primary shape for earrings - and even as the clasp on a bracelet. It is also frequently partnered with symbols that are positioned in the "palm" of the hand. This is why you can so easily find a Hamsa hand with a Chai symbol, a Star of David, or even a Holy Name. You can even purchase small charms to dangle from watch bands, bracelets, and key chains too!

If you want to show your adherence to Kabbalah, Judaism, or other religious beliefs, you can find many kinds of Hamsa jewelry here on our site.

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