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Star of David 14K Gold Earrings
Special Price £229.30 Regular Price £277.17
Shema Yisrael 14K Gold Earrings
Special Price £445.48 Regular Price £493.35
Items 1-36 of 212
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Take a look at our huge selection of earrings from Israel! Judaica earrings as well as more general designs. Sterling silver, gold, Roman glass, and gemstones with enough variety to satisfy absolutely any taste and and budget!

What Jewish Earrings Would Fit You and Your Style?

Though you may not believe that Jewish earrings are going to be found in many styles, you will be astonished by the variety, colors, materials, themes, and more. For example, whether you are someone who prefers small gem stone studs, dangling designs, or more whimsical styles, you will find many choices. This is because today's Jewish earrings have to also be referred to as Israeli earrings as well.

Why? Israeli designers and manufacturers are really taking a place on the world stage, and you can see very innovative earrings coming from their design houses.

For example, consider that you can acquire all kinds of designs that feature Swarovski crystals, precious metals like silver and gold, gemstones of all kinds, and even ancient Roman glass too! You can find very elegant as well as very casual looks too.

This means that the first step is to take a look through the many brand names that the best vendors, such as Judaica Webstore, have available, and then refine your choices by the styles that seem to be the most suitable for you. Consider that you may love the designs of Adina Plastelina, which dangle gracefully and use natural forms. You may also prefer the styles made by Amaro which feature less natural designs but which use a lot of gorgeous gemstones.

Maybe you prefer to wear symbols like Hamsa hands or Star of David shapes? There are plenty of options including earrings in many figures and shapes, as well as formal and structured designs. Perhaps you prefer to see some Hebrew lettering on your jewelry? Jewish earrings can be found spelling out such popular terms as "Chai" and "Ahava" (Life and Love, respectively).

Take a few moments to consider the styles of clothing you will partner your Jewish earrings with, and that helps you to determine the best choices for your particular fashion statements too.