Personalized Name Jewelry

Personalized Name Jewelry

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These stunning custom made pieces are both beautiful and meaningful. Any of them would make a perfect gift for a wedding, birthday, Bat Mitzvah, or any special occasion. Hand crafted in Jerusalem, it will be an unforgettable thing of beauty to last a lifetime!

What could be better than your name -- in English or Hebrew -- rendered as a gold or silver necklace? The gold name and silver name necklaces will be the most cherished gifts imaginable!

Personalized Name Jewelry in Hebrew

Hebrew is both an ancient and a modern language. It had died out as an actual spoken language until the 1800s, and at that time it was restored and became the official language of the new State of Israel in 1948. Today, one can see that Modern Hebrew has changed quite a bit from Ancient Hebrew, and even native speakers can struggle when attempting to read the Torah or some ancient texts.

Fortunately, whether written in ancient or modern Hebrew, names are one of the simplest things to "sound out" or spell. The many forms of Hebrew is one of the reasons that so many people study the language, yet it can still be used to make personalized name jewelry in Hebrew.

Just consider what a romantic partner, bar or bat mitzvah student, or a new bride or groom might think of such a thoughtful gift. For example, a young woman who is beginning to practice or study Kabbalah can get a red string bracelet with her Hebrew initial as a charm. A boy who has just celebrated his Bar Mitzvah would love to get a gold pendant that spells his name in Hebrew too.

Remember that the language reads from right to left and that some forms do not use vowels. This means you will want to get your personalized name jewelry from a specialty vendor like Judaica Webstore that can guarantee the best results. We can also give the widest range of choices too. From silver and gold pendants, to mezuzah style pendants, Kabbalah bands, love tokens, and even some with English spellings, the use of the recipient's name is sure to please. Whether it is gold or silver, with gemstones or even Roman glass, we will have the style you prefer.

If you are struggling for the perfect gift, just consider how much they will treasure receiving something that shows you know them, that you have considered their wishes, and that you are honoring their heritage.

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