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The Jewish Shabbat is not only the holiest day of the week, but the holiest day of the year! One day of the week is set aside for rest, prayer, family, and food. The traditional Shabbat meal includes making kiddush over wine or grape juice in a special kiddush cup, as well as special braided challah loaves served on a challah board under a decoarative challah cover. Candles are lit in special Shabbat candlesticks. If you haven't experienced a traditional Jewish Sabbath, you don't know what you're missing!

Keep the Sabbath

The Sabbath is the axis around which our weekly routine revolves. It is the respite to which we look forward and from which we emerge renewed. It is the time spent with family and friends, away from work; a time when we reflect on what is most important to us and reorganize everything back into proper perspective; a time when the sentiment of gratitude should supplant the anxieties of the workaday week.

Judaica Webstore's Shabbat gifts are a great way to enhance your own Shabbat celebration or a great idea for someone close to you is coming of age or starting her own household.

Challah Covers from Yair Emanuel

We have a wide variety of silk challah covers from Bazalel Academy-trained and Jerusalem-based artist Yair Emanuel, from hip patchwork designs to hand-painted raw silk designs to bold, innovative embroidered and appliqué designs that employ popular motifs like the pomegranate and the seven species of Israel.

Kiddush Cups and Sabbath Candlesticks

For Kiddush cups and Sabbath candlesticks we have traditional as well as contemporary offerings. Our traditional items include cups and candlesticks decorated in enamel and jewels that achieve a medieval, Pre-Raphaelite aesthetic. Then there are the sterling sliver and nickel-plated objects that employ motifs like neo-classical and art-nouveau which, combined with the bare elegance of the metal, achieves a refined and distinguished look.

Of course we also have plenty of contemporary offerings, like the craft objects of Israeli artist Avner Agayof who works in a modernist vernacular. His Kiddush cups and Shabbat candlesticks in anodized aluminum bring our millennia-old traditions right into the present day.

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